Guns and Bad Stuff

Guns and Bad Stuff initiated the collaborative tuakana-teina practice of Māhina and Matariki Bennett.

Māhina felt responsible to allow the words of her sister’s poem to speak for themselves, to provide them with the permanence of writing, to elevate them as a piece of art, giving the physicality of words the same significance as their meaning. Guns and Bad Stuff as a visual artwork plays with the tensions of materiality in the softness and delicacy of silk and intensity of word. Respectively to her practice, the work’s interaction with the space gives life to the artwork, with wind acting as breath carrying the words through the whare.

The poem speaks for itself… land back.

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  • Te Timatanga 32
    Guns and Bad Stuff
  • Guns 2
    Guns and Bad Stuff
  • Guns 3
    Guns and Bad Stuff

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